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    Sonic Descaling Tooth Cleaner

    Sonic Descaling Tooth Cleaner

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    An electric ultrasonic dental scaler tool for removing tartar from the teeth that washes away stains, tartar and plaque while whitening the teeth


    Model: M3
    Charging mode: wireless sensor
    Rated voltage: 90-250V
    Waterproof function: water rinse
    Vibration frequency: high vibration frequency
    Working mode: 3 files adjustable
    Charging time: about 12 hours
    Host size: 3 * 3 * 24cm
    Colors: blue and pink
    Battery working time: 2 hours



    1. Prepare mirrors and products

    2. Long press the open key for 3-5 seconds, and adjust the short sleeve according to the need

    3. Identify the locations of stones, tooth stains and tartar through the mirror, place the needle on the clean object, and maintain contact with the clean object with a little force

    4. After use for 2 minutes, start the protection mode (automatic shutdown), rinse the mouth and reuse according to personal needs.








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