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Hot Compress Air Pressure Rechargeable Eye Massage \ Eye Mask

Hot Compress Air Pressure Rechargeable Eye Massage \ Eye Mask

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The Eye Massager is designed with a heat-compressing air press for reducing eye strain, relieving dark circles, reducing eye bags, and easing dry eyes, with Bluetooth music function for stress relief, an ideal tech gift idea.


Shell technology: high gloss UV
Massage principle: hot compress, vibration, airbag, bluetooth
Power supply mode: USB
Function: constant temperature hot compress, vibration, bluetooth music, 9D air pressure massage
Color: black, pink, white


[9D airbag massage, ultra-thin and ultra-light vibration massage]

Packing list:

Eye mask*1, USB*1


We do not recommend the use of eye massagers if you have eye injuries, inflammation, eye disease symptoms, cataracts, retinal detachment or other major eye conditions. Please read the instructions attached to the product for more safety precautions.

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