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3 pcs - Exfoliate Face Towel

3 pcs - Exfoliate Face Towel

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Made with a unique fabric texture, the mitt removes surface layers of build up and dry skin instantly.

Suggested use

Soften Skin: Shower, bath or steam for a few minutes.

Squeeze the Excess: Wet the mitt and squeeze excess water.

Remove Dry Skin: Massage in a circular motion (3-4 fingers).

Additional Product Information: Rinse thoroughly after each use and hang to air dry. Replace every 4-6 months. Ideal for all skin types.


Product name: beauty towel, face wash towel
Size: 12 * 11.5 cm
Material: one side is plant fiber cloth, one side is plant fiber cloth with high quality sponge inside
Features: fine fabric, no pull skin
Usage: smear the cleanser on the face with warm face towel, and then gently massage the face with the towel



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